19 December 2008

13 December 2008

23 November 2008

16 November 2008

15 November 2008

08 November 2008

And the second new wheel bearing ...

... fits on the other side (in the rear). And i also welded a new
mount for the rear rubber.

01 November 2008

New wheel bearings

Yeah! The rear left is ready. New inner and outer wheel bearings are
in and the "new sound" is very very quiet! ;-)

04 October 2008


too much power. too less carefulness. Today I killed a screw at my
disc brake. so i had to drill into the screw without ruin the thread.
It works and Wilson is on the Road again! ;-)

28 September 2008


it's a "room-wonder": 4 painters, 150 litre of white color, 2 ladders,
1 big yellow box, lots of other stuff ...

16 September 2008

044 Cylinder Heads

there it is ... ready for the new engine!

06 September 2008

24 August 2008

Brake Revising

well ... this was really time to do something!

23 August 2008

2x Teleskop Pushrod Tubes

this should be the end of my oil-lakes in front of my house!


I've much tiles from old radios ... e.g. an old grundig, a plate from
a blaupunkt radio ... so i decided to built my own special ... a
"grundipunkt"-radio ;-)

18 August 2008

best of both engines

today i changed the engine of my squareback 'caus of oilpressure
probs ...

09 August 2008


today i get the revised block back from istvan. hopefully i can assemble it soon!

03 July 2008


yesss! a complete set of this rare birch green stuff.

18 April 2008


the old (mexican beetle) block has many problems .. and it leaks too, therefore i had to check it.

22 February 2008

30 January 2008

23 January 2008


19 January 2008