22 December 2006


You see ... always wear glasses!!!

12 December 2006

22 November 2006

02 October 2006

The 1600 dual port

cleaning, cleaning, cleaning ...
wow: there's an engine behind the dirt! still a lot of work, but now it's in the car!

25 September 2006

16 September 2006

Time for a brake.

today i'ld like to finish the brakes ... but it was difficulter than i ecpected. So had to renew most of the parts.

11 September 2006

the "new" engine ...

... looks ugly. ;)

10 August 2006

a few things.

i worked on the brakes, installed a new steering box and cleaned the carburetores.


yeehaaa! the front is welded and primered!

27 June 2006


a lot to do ...

17 June 2006


Welcome to the dark side!

14 June 2006

Wilson on the Road again

First time since about ten years Wilson is on the road again. Just towed, but ... ;)

ready to "roll"

In May 2006 i bought this VW 1600 Variant. Our "new" family-member ist one of the last "shortnose" type 3's ...

02 June 2006

Transmisson possible!

this is it. the trans from a 34 ghia! should be fit in my squareback!

26 May 2006


there it stands ... but with no transmission, no backseat, no
carburetors, no clutch and the wrong engine.

05 May 2006

found a new car

i read many ads before i found this beautiful VW 1600 Squareback in Vienna. I had to took it!